Prepare and protect your home for Texas storm season

What is a Surge?

How do you know if you have a power surge?
Surge protection devices have an indicator light to show there’s been a surge. You’ll also know because your appliance(s) might fry.

Is a power spike the same as a surge?
Power spikes are small surges that are so small that they largely go unnoticed, but they degrade electronics over time.

I have a surge strip—am I good?
Maybe. Depends on the type of surge strip you have.
Look for the strip rating–know as Joules.  A surge strip needs to have at least 600 Joules. It will also have a re-set light and ground status light.

3 Levels of Surge Protection:

Level 1: Protects only the equipment that is plugged into it –like the black surge strip in the photo above. Anything NOT plugged into this strip isn’t protected from surge.

Level 2: Protects the whole home. Installed at the electric panel. **Recommended

Level 3: Protects the whole home.  Installed above the utility service disconnect (ie Oncor). Uncommon.

Is your home or office protected against power surges?
Call us (214-377-0934) to schedule your surge protection assessment. We’ll:

  • Evaluate your Level 1 protection
  • Check all grounding and bonding
  • Install a Level 2 whole home surge protector at your panel

P.S. Some insurance carriers give a discount for homes with Level 2 surge protection. Even more incentive to prep your home before storm season starts in May.

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